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    As Evermoon's pop is quite low, a x-realm SoloQ system would improve the quality of playing there a lot. I'm playing Evermoon as a pvper and actually liked it, because I had all the benefits of a low pop realm (no fight for ressources, not getting ganked by high level characters during leveling etc.) and the benefits of a high pop realm (fast queues, full AH and so on) - until now. My professions are skilled up, I'm fully honor geared, but can't find anyone to do arena with. A SoloQ system that let's me que for 2v2 / 3v3 would solve that issue. Servers that have a SoloQ system in place use the 5v5 bracket for rating usually. Having a system without rating wouldn't take away a bracket, but would lower the competition. I personally would be fine with that, too, if it still has conquest points as reward. P.S.: Is there a way to change the language here?