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  1. Thicc boys is recruiting! brand new english only guild is recruiting for a raid team starting to progress next week (depeinding on recruitment) on starter raids. all players close, at or above minimal itemlevel (460) for mogu'shan vaults and basic raiding knowledge is welcome. we offer a semi-casual and pleasant atmosphere for raiding approx. 2-3 a week (schedule not yet determined) please understand that we are a new guild just starting off in pandaria - - if you are looking for hardcore raid experience please refrain from contacting us. more information: if you are not eligable for any of the raids you may also join as a Trial so we can help you get gear that you need to start raiding trial ranks are also given to new members until their place in the guild is evaluated. if you're interested whisper DInosawr(GM) or Bridgie, Sxuchi, Blacklotus (Officers) Edit: you can also leave your name in this thread and we will try to contact you