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  1. Yes warlock is amazing i have warlock too. We can kill healer with warlock because we do 200k Chaos Bolts and just fear control him. But what do you do to a priest who is LOS-ing every 3 seconds? Priest healer atm is so broken its not even fun to play. In battlegrounds we are like 3 full Malev geared ppl and we cant kill him. He just trolls us around healing instantly with DOTS + spamming feathers for faster speed and fear. And thats it overall. Spamming 3 buttons or 5 if it gets to intense and just troll you around. I think its about time Tauri nurfes healers priests in PVP. They nurfed warlocks, so why not nurf the class which is the most unbalanced?
  2. Am i the only one who thinks healers in Tauri-WoW are very OP at PVP? No matter what system Tauri implements it still feels like pvp is very unballanced. Some healer classes are very OP and make the game completely unfair. For example if you are not a Rogue, Warrior, Mage its almost impossible to solo kill Healer Priest,Druid or Monk. Priest are just insanely OP healers. I am currently playing my Rogue who is top geared, full Malev 2/2 and without my full burst i can't even kill a healer Priest. Its a complete parody. At battlegrounds we are 3-4 ppl and we still can't kill 1 healer priest for 1 minute. Its insane! I actually made an experiment. Me and 2 of my friends who are also full Malev 2/2 went full burst on 1 Priest and we could not kill him for over 35 seconds. That's unbalanced as hell. I know some people will say that that is normal etc but healer priest for me personally are broken. Every healer in battleground is healer priest. If its not all its 90% in both Alliance and Horde. Every battleground its like Priest fest. I rarely see any other healer class. If i see any other healer class its usually Druid or Monk. But overall 90-95% of the time its a healer priest FRENZY. Now about Monk....a good geared mistweaver Monk is almost impossible to kill solo too. But compared to healer Priest, the monk is a lot easier. I don't know if it Mists of Pandaria expansion or its just unbalanced but Healer to me personally seem way too strong. Am i the only one who actually misses TBC, WOTLK and Cataclysm PVP? Back in the days if you were skilled you could kill healer easy. Nowadays you need 3 more ppl to focus burst a healer to kill him. And that is if you know when and what to interrupt. What do you guys think? Do you think Healer are OP in PVP?
  3. Yes i know it has English raiding guilds but when you are not raiding you have nothing to do. It feels like a ghost town. No world pvp, no duel, no events. For me personally its not worth to switch only for the raids. I still love doing pvp and world events and that's something Evermoon does not have.
  4. Ye but its overall a dead server. It has max 350 population at peak times and about 150 at normal times. So yeah....dead server.
  5. Hello! I am currently looking for a good Horde English/International PVE guild on Tauri-WoW server. Are there any English/International PVE guild in the server. If they are, please reply in this topic. Currently i am a 495iLevel DPS/Healer Monk with raiding experience!
  6. That seems weird. I never seem to get any lag at Valiance Keep with any of my characters (Horde and Alliance). I asked around people in my guild and they also don't seem to get any lag at that location. Maybe it's a bug in the server from many mobs spawned in 1 place but still i doubt that it will cause you such a drastic drop in FPS. You should check your video card drivers and update them with the latest ones. That salves most of the common FPS problems. Try that and if the problem is still active, write here again
  7. The NPC starts to sell this items in WOD.
  8. Well Warmane is just faking out population hands down. Before i came to Tauri-WoW i was mainly playing there and i can tell for sure that the population is not 12 000. The funny thing is that if you pay attention the population never goes under 5000....seems 5000 never sleep or take a rest from the game. But i would say there is stable population of about 4000-5000 people...which is totally ruined by the server pay to win system. If you want best gear...no problem donate and you are BOE. You want best weapon (shadoumourne), no problem donate too. That shit fest is the reason i tried out Tauri-WoW and found this amazing server. The quality difference is like from Earth to the Moon. Anyway i plan to start making English stream on this server, so i can at least try to help out promoting it, and who knows maybe more players will like it and join. As far as the Facebook advertisement i still think its a good idea. Keeping in mind that people trust everything on Facebook jest cuz it brainwashes people. Anyways thanks for the fast GM response about this topic!
  9. I am sure that there were atleast 2 international guilds on the horde side. Unfortunetly i dont remeber the names but i will re post in few days after i check. For Alliance i cant give 100% accurate info but i am sure there is atleast 1 international.
  10. That was not the main topic but i would be more happy if you could consider talking with any of the head GM's and developers about some sort of server advertisement. You must understand me correctly. I don't do this just for me to be around more people. I truly feel that this server deserves a bigger player base. People like you and some of the developers i have seen streaming are amazing, the work they do is amazing. For almost a year here i have found 0...fucking 0 quest bugs in any zones. That's something i haven't seen in any other private server. Even servers who are still on Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK have less working content than Tauri. Which is just mind blowing! You guys deserve more people in the server and more people on the forums. I think you guys don't really understand the amazing server you created. Just try some other servers who claim to be the "best" tbc or wotlk and i am sure you will laugh at the low quality of scripting. And i am talking about server with 10-12000 population. Its funny and at the same time sad that low and medium server have more people that good quality server like Tauri and they do nothing more than just to advertise.
  11. Well that's weird. Because i have monitored the website and info from the server and it seems to always say that it has 200 people more. I have monitored it at different times of the day and always the website shows about 200 people more than what the server is telling me. I doubt that there are 24/7 people on character screen. I am sure that i can prove it even now when most people are sleeping and should not be AFK at character screen. And its weird that the number is almost always the same. Edit: It seems that at the moment is shows the correct number. Website 600 - 615 server. Weird...maybe there are really 200 people afk at character screen.
  12. Yes i perfectly understand that there are some people who have taken a rest of WoW but....but there is still a big difference from having 3000-3200 at peak times and having 2300 at peak times. I have been monitoring the situation even before patch 5.1 was released and still the population didn't peak more than 2500. Still i think that some Facebook advertisement will not hurt the server. As far as i think it can only benefit and grow from any advertisement. Its an amazing server and i truly feel that it can grow a lot with proper advertisement. I would also like to appoint something that i have noticed about the population. The thing is that the chart on the website that shows how many players each server has is not accurate. For example the website gives info that 1800 players are online on Tauri-WoW realm but when you log into the server and type .server info it tells you that 1600 people are online. Personally i trust the .server info command a lot more because it pulls information directly out of the server core. So either the .server info command shows incorrect population or the website is faking about 200 people.
  13. First i would like to say that i am making this topic because i love this server and from what i have seen for over 10 years playing on private servers, this is by far, by far the best scripted out there! I feel sad that over a few months its been dropping in population and feels like its dying. I really hope that with this topic i can try to help the server and inspire the GM's to take some action to boost the population and advertise the server more. Because it really is a shame that such awesome scripted server is loosing its players. Okay i have noticed that in the recent months Tauri-WoW population is dropping really fast and i don't understand the reason for it. When i joined the server about 6-7 months ago it had a stable population of 3000-3200 (all realms together) but now it seems that it does not peak more than 2300. When i joined the main Tauri-WoW realm it had stable 2000 population everyday and about 2300 at peak times at weekends....now on the other hand its about 1700 on peak times weekly and max 2000 at weekends. Warriors of Darkness has dropped in population too. I remember that when i started here it had about 400-500 people daily and 700-800 at weekends. Now the peak is about 500 at weekends. The biggest drop in population is in the international realm Evermoon. When i found about this server Evermoon was a fresh realm stable 600 population and about 800-900 at weekends at peak hour. Now it is literally a ghost land with no more than 250 players at peak times. So over the last months Tauri-WoW has lost overall 1000 players! I know some people will say that's not that much but for a server like Tauri-WoW, that's a big population drop. I would highly advice the lead GM's of Tauri-WoW to try to take some action to make more players join this awesome server. One of the best ways to get more people is to advertise on the biggest platform at the moment - Facebook. I have seen tens of fresh servers who advertise on Facebook only and they easily get about 2000-3000 players with stock Trinity Core servers. I am sure that if the GM's take some steps into promoting this awesome server it can easily increase it population with 1000. I know i am not the best person to give advice how to run a server but when i found out about Tauri i found it in a random youtube review video....there was nothing about this server in any wow websites or any other popular place. And i am saying it again i am making this topic not to bash the server, i am making it because i care about the server, i love the server nevertheless that i am not Hungarian player, i have seen developers like Higi scripting stuff that no other private server has working...and its just sad, its sad that such and amazing server is not being advertised and being introduced to the public players. All this amazing work, amazing developers, amazing community is just dying down. At least this is how i feel it and a lot of my friends. I would like to hear more people about this topic. What do you guys think is the population dropping? Is it a problem for you and do you have any good ideas how we can help Tauri-WoW grow and get better and better?
  14. I can comfirm that there is still lag in the open world and in arenas/battlegrounds. Today i was on my Monk and i did a few duels with some Warriors. Alot of weird stuff happened. For example i do Fists of Fury on the enemy Warrior and while he is stunned he somehow casts Thunderbolt and stuns me too. This is so horrible cuz it totally destoyes my burst. Second example is when i use Leg sweep when i am litterely on top of the target and it does not stun him. Its like he is actually far away from me but server shows he is next to me. This sometimes works the opposire way. I use Leg sweep, i stun my target and while stunned my target manages to jump, blink or teleport away. Again the result is that i waste 1 cooldown for nothing. Both things happen in open world and battleground/arenas. But it seems alot less in battlegrounds/arenas...still its annoying and sometimes game breaking. I would like to ask the Tauri team to try harder to fix this annoying lag/delay. I have seen the awesome work the devs have done to quests, spells, raids, etc and i am sure they can find a fix to this major problem. This lag/delay also makes problems in PVE too.
  15. I always tought this delay had something to do with the crossrealm feature. Well atleast now i know why when i play duels infront of Orgrimmar my stuns have delays and weird stuff happens . Thanks for the info and the quick response. I still hope Tauri team can fix this or atleast make this delay to a minimum so that weird things dont happen so often.
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