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  1. please delete this post , i found out what happened , i got a wrong Yellow msg that im exalted but some how i was yet 1000 rep away , now things make sence
  2. Now im Exalted with cloud serpet ring , can buy the mounts for gold but i cant find the Quest : riding the skies on Elder Anii i finished the Race and done all Yellow Quests in the Village but cant complete chain , can some one help ?
  3. in the Timeless isle as i use "The Challenge Scroll" onto the Stone / Or i directly click the stone it Says : invalid target > what is wrong ?
  4. Okay that Explained alot thnx it actually works ii died and teleported me to thrall , thnx alot
  5. when i accept quest Devoured in Twilight highlands , i keep killing Spawns "Blood of Iso'rath" >> unending quest doesnt complete Please fix
  6. I Found out why , You need Quest in order to complete dungoen , otherwise nothing will happen when u burn barracks
  7. wswskmkm


    Thanks Alot man ! , that cheered me up !
  8. i did redo the dungeon 3 times , nothing happens everytime , Evermoon server
  9. The level 70 dungeon escape from Durnholde keep is bugged , once you set bombs in all 5 barrels , fires should go off and boss appear > it doesn't happen Plz fix that vital story line dungeon Love your work!
  10. wswskmkm


    I'm playing on Mists of Pandaria and that was my question , did they remove old raids in that expansions ? CuZ there is no instance to enter , no whirling portal, no yellow message saying "raid group needed"
  11. wswskmkm


    this may seem as a stupid question but im really confused , Are Classic and BC raids disabled in this Server or its a MOP thing ? , i went to Onyxia Liar and i cant Go in
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