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  1. Sara

    Questions about the server

    Hello, I would like to tell you that your server is the best that I have played and played many servers, and I want to ask you some questions1- when they finish with all the contents of pandaria will they go on to the next expansion? and is the case still the same realm or another one?2- know that many people play on the server and that they are from many parts of the world so, do you plan to make the quest can be seen in the language that the player is - this had already done another server that was Russian and I speak Spanish and the other server gave the option to download your language3- think about implementing migrations, since people like me want to remove their pj from junk servers and bring them to the wonderful server tauriThank you for your attention: Dforgive me if I write badly, it's because English is not my language
  2. Sara

    Fargodeep Miners, A guild for new players

    I would like to join but I speak Spanish, for me there is no problem but I do not know what you are already in guild
  3. Sara

    Fargodeep Miners, A guild for new players

    Hey it's good that there's still someone who wants to socialize in the wow but I only have one question ... are you horde?
  4. Sara

    Multiple Languages

    I used to play on a Russian server and this server had language packs so everyone could see the npc, quest, dialogues, etc in their language and it did not matter if the server was Russian