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  1. Alright, as long as it eventually gets better later on Thanks!
  2. In dungeons 90% of my spells are resisted (corruption, affliction etc), been so since lev 30 and still going on now on level 50. I have 30 hit, more than enough for mobs under or equal to my level. Is this a bug of some sorts? Hit works fine questing, but its very problematic to play dungeons; dont want to be a leech on groups and groups will kick if dps is abysmal. How to solve this issue? More people having these problems?
  3. Draza

    HUGE lagspikes

    Bad addon, fixed, lock the topic pls.
  4. Draza

    HUGE lagspikes

    So I joined a dungeon tool group for some instance action. My framerates dropped to 5fps and I could barely move. Outside the group (when I left) everything reverted back to normal. I also tried to lower the graphic settings down from ultra to good inside dung (not that my PC cant handle MOP ultra) and it didnt solved the problem. The instance was SFK and it was my first time there. Am I missing something? This shouldnt lag on a ryzen 5, 8gb ram and rx 580 with 8gb vram. Thanks in advace for any tips or solutions that I might have missed. Regards!
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