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  1. So, as I was searching around for a private server to kill some time .... I always review forums for issues or "personal opinion" posts. Take them for what they are worth, since, my experience is not (and almost never) the same as anyone else's - figured i would sum up a 30 day post. I will go over a few areas that i think are important, but, nothing about mechanics or anything since, it's a p.server ... it's the nature of the beast. Population (Evermoon) 5/10 The population is super low for the expansion its on. Having less than 1k players on either faction (generally 400 or less off-peak) really hurts the feel of the game. It quickly becomes a "single player MMO" (see point: exp for additional info). This is no fault of the p.server by any means, but, sometimes it becomes an issue for upgrades and all that. The guild i am in is great, and, very social. I find the people are generally pretty good about stuff and I havent had anyone give issues or be toxic (not that i have seen in chat, or, in playing). Player Experience Gained 4/10 Evermoon is on a 2x experience setup, and, to be fair, it's nice to power past grinds and just get to the end. On the down side, you have to understand that doing 1/10th a quest line will get you nothing but exp. Gear is obsolete in a matter of an hour and you will find yourself undergeared and underpowered very quickly (class depending, of course). I didn't have too much of an issue with my druid until 80-ish and being geared enough for heroics, but, that also sits on the side of "my own fault" a little bit. I made a mage and, i can't stress enough, how terrible it is trying to level with 10+ levels too low of gear. I do like 10 quests total and i'm already too high for the area. Really, its a plus and minus to have the EXP boost. This also falls (see above) into the instance issues. The instances are near impossible unless you are a tank or healer. If you are a DPS, good luck. You will be 20 levels higher then the instance if you grind and wait. It's crazy and feels a little broken. You may not see the issue, but, dropping quests partially completed, then, trying to pick up in areas sometimes doesn't work too well (MOP is one giant quest chain, breaks all the time). For random instances, you have to always drop the instance, then, rejoin the queue just to get in a slot that is your level. Drops, Loots, AH 2/10 Drops i feel are not even worth discussing, other then, you will get something, equip .. then 10 min later replace it. Loot drops are ok, I did some low-end raids solo and found i got a lot of stuff. Nothing I could use due to being higher level, but, was fun either way. I don't know if this is something they can edit, but, i think professions should have 2x skill ups, and 2x gather loots. Your level will never be in-line with your professions (primary professions, not gathering). It creates a real void in the experience due to EXP being soo accelerated without everything else following the flow. The AH is horrible lol. I mean, a stack of medium leather is 300+ gold. I understand "wait until 90 then do it" ... but crafting is not really an end-game experience nor should that fall into that place (economy is economy tho, so, it's not the servers fault). This is merely a point of the entire experience of the server is all. I did want to mention there is an issue with actual looting - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt lol. 99% of the time, it will. Sometimes it loots but provides no items (skinning specifically). Quests (General) 8/10 The quests in the game work. Slightly buggy at times, depending where you are (looking at you MOP quests). Generally, they work and dont have issues. I have run into a few issues here and there, logged out, and, then they worked ok. As stated, its annoying having to find where to begin because you outleveled the entire zone in 20 min, but, that's not what this is about. This is quest functionality and ability to complete. Addons (functionality, and, availability) 10/10 I am running a lot of addons to include some UI addons and they all run perfectly fine. Sometimes I find that I would get issues (other p.servers) even when the version numbers match. I do not have this issue on this server. I even found a Zygors Level/Profession guide from MOP and it runs flawlessly. Tho, I tend to outlevel the guide super fast, but, hey, it works. Client (download/security) 1/10 Everything is smooth and functional. I gave it a 1 because I got a copyright strike from my ISP for downloading this from the Tauri website. I had to call them and prove I owned a paid retail version and they removed it, but, there is a company watching and logging IPs for downloads. I do run a VPN on my NAS and they can't see that, but, just thought I would inform anyone, that, yes, you may get hit from your ISP for downloading the client (not sure if it was the client itself, or, the client downloading the content). Anything past ISP (say, Blizzard) I don't know if they report to. Overall Rating: 7/10 Overall, I would certainly tell friends to join up. Its one of the better choices and runs very smooth. I have no connection issues, or, anything else. I think everything seems generally fair, and, works as expected. I think there still needs to be some "tweaks" to make the consistency and flow of the server, to feel a little better (ie: drops/loots lining up a little better with the current speed of exp). Or not ... its whatever lol. I certainly keep playing and i'm not going to throw my hands up and say "this sucks, i quit" over the things listed .... but thought i would toss my 2 cents in the ring in case anyone was scrolling forums wondering "is this the p.server for me?". Of course, 100% my opinion, and, your results may not be the same as mine.
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