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  1. Why does it matter if I care to play wow solo? Believe it or not I have already found another wrath of the list king private server who have actually managed to make raids and dungeon soloable by scaling the npcs and mobs down to individual levels. Right at level 80 with decent enough armor you can solo Icecrown Citadel by yourself. This is what wow should of done. Not everyone wants to be forced to rely on groups of people just to experience endgame raids. I would love to have the ability to do it on my own singlehandedly. I don't play wow for the PVP or anything to do with group content. I play because I enjoy it. I like to explore, I like to experience all the content on my own and last I checked you don't need a group or guild to do that. Besides, you damn sure don't need a group of people to quest progressively from zone to zone yet blizzard feels the need to lock endgame content and fuck over people who prefer to fly solo. There is plenty of stuff to do solo in wow regardless of it being a massively MULTIPLAYER online role playing game. Just end of expansion content isn't.
  2. Hell no. Oh hell no. Even with 7x rates, with only 1x gold rates it would take fucking forever to get the gold necessary for flying and mounts. And as far as community goes, I'm a single player who prefers solo. 7x isn't much better than 5x so I'll stick with burning blade. Faster. Might be 2x slower but with 5x drop rates and gold rates that will more than make up for it and provide good compensation.
  3. Website says this is a 7x rate server but its actually 5x. Also, I'm curious as if professions are also 5x or are they left 1x? If anyone has any info I'd gladly appreciate it.
  4. Basically, long story short.. I am mostly a solo WoW player, as I prefer to play singlehanded without groups, guilds or needing a team. But due to the nature of WoW being made around multiplayer and group/guild gameplay, my question is this.. would Timeless Isle 535 gear be the best gear I could aquire on my own without needing to raid and/or depend on a guild, or is their a way for a solo gameplayer to aquire 553 or high endgame tier gear without needing to do PvP and raids? I have never done PvP or raids before. I have attempted PvP once and everyone wiped the floor with me, I really am quite inexperienced and I'd very much prefer to get gear on my own if possible. I'm currently wearing 522 PvP gear mixed with two 535 pieces I've aquired from burdens of eternity and timeless armor tokens.
  5. Except on warriors of darkness, especially with the money rates, reputation rates, and drop rates increased far greater than retail WOW's expansions, in my opinion it's a much faster more enjoyable way to farm and collect and experience older material and aquire older items that would take years on retail. For example, I completed the Netherwing drake quests in Shadowmoon Valley as well as the Nagrand reputation quest for the Talbuks, and even did the quest for the free cloud serpent you get from the Jade Forest Arboretum, and I did all this in the course of 2 days. On regular wow, everything I did would of taken months!! Not to mention the instant level 90 boost freely given along with the 522 pvp item vendor in the main cities. Even with it being PVP focused gear, you can solo old WOTLK and Burning Crusade raids easily with a lvl 90 decked out in 522 gear. And with gold rates 20x it's that much easier to afford max flying and all your flight license, and seeing as lots of vendors have mounts for gold either by gaining exalted reputation or just a flat out fee, it's a great way to farm mounts seeing as they are accountwide.
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