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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, this command helped!
  2. Hi and Merry Christmas My suggestion is, could the devs make an option in account for realm EVERMOON (X2) to be able to choose all rates to be x1, I'd love to play in engliesh realm, but x2 is just not my type of rate, so by default it could be x2 bu in account settings to allow to choose x1, what do you think?
  3. Thanks for the explanation, it worked!
  4. When I go to Tauri bug tracker, I can't find the button for creating a bug report. Can someone help? Image info:
  5. Frank

    About other expansions

    Thanks for your quick replies, looks like I'm gonna have a lot of fun here. Especially with pet battles.
  6. Hi I'm new here, I really enjoy the experience I got while playing here, it's so well scripted everything, but I was curious about other expansions. Do the server devs got any plans on moving to Draenor or Legion expansion in the future?
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