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  1. Lol one of you has regged a fake acc just to downvote me https://community.tauriwow.com/index.php?/profile/4646-adblockerlol/
  2. I only want to catch Ji-Kun which is almost impossible to get from ToT because the drop chance is 3 times lower than it should be https://bug.tauriwow.com/index.php?do=details&task_id=32410&order=lastedit&sort=desc then I will stop logging on WoD chars till Legion.
  3. No, because you and your likes run away from fair fight while harassing those who don't want to fight with you. It's really pathetic and unmanly.
  4. So much mental gymnastics to avoid admitting that you are a little coward, who finally found a place to feed his ego without consequences
  5. Killing low ilvl is griefing too. You are still ignoring my question: why every single WPVP-"hero" only attacks when he 100% wins and runs away when he can lose? It wasn't shit, it was a nice attempt to make WPVP fair. Too bad that PVP-"heroes" started to whine non-stop till Blizz nerfed it.
  6. Just read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/97h9cw/scaling_in_bfa_world_pvp_is_completely_broken/ So much tears because they can't gank levelers anymore. That's all you need to know about so called "world PVPers". Anything remotely fair makes them cry and run away.
  7. You can still attack capitals on Evermoon, which is literally the only fun part of WPVP. But you can't gank those who don't want to fight you and this is just. Every single fan of WPVP runs away when chances are equal or against him. Why? I can't even fathom how pathetic you have to be to fight only when you outgear/outnumber your opponent. Only children who get bullied and beaten at school everyday can enjoy it.
  8. It is not part of the game on Evermoon and that's precisely what made so many players to transfer there from Tauri. Nobody likes WPVP. Let's face it, there is no reason to play on WoD outside of free rep, free gold and BMAH. Even killing Ordos on WoD is nearly impossible - most of the time you have 50 ppl online and they all either sit in capitals or camp BMAH.
  9. They can't prevent me from bidding anyway. I login right before the spawn and use cracked talisman, so all they can do is /spit and seethe.
  10. Because WPVP is pointless (0 rewards) and inherently unfair - these pussies only attack when they are 100% sure that they win. They ran away when geared chinese boys came, because they don't like getting killed themselves. It says everything about them. I couldn't care less about playing on WoD, but acc-wide mounts force me to. For now I only need Ji-Kun, which has 3x lower drop rate than on retail https://bug.tauriwow.com/index.php?do=details&task_id=32410&order=lastedit&sort=desc so getting it from ToT is not an option.
  11. That's exactly why I am proposing to make it PVE PVP servers, especially high-rate ones, attract retarded children. Adults would never waste their time to annoy others. They can't prevent me from bidding either, because I have cracked talisman, it's just childish behavior.
  12. Mb someone helped him. The most degenerate player on Tauri is Synur (frost mage too btw), but he only annoys ppl on Timeless Isle, especially during WB-fights and he never whispers. But these 12 yo retards from WoD spend all day near Madam Goya only to jump on someone with no PVP gear and whisper "MIGRANTE TRASH DOG".
  13. IIRC long time ago mail between Tauri and WoD was working. And transferring from Tauri to Evermoon during New Year's Eve (free VIP) is only 200 credits, almost free.
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