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  1. Currently you're the one crying because you want something you can't get.
  2. Yes please, we need to hire bots to spam people's discord to join Tauri
  3. There is a difference between making Quality of Life fixes (which btw were later introduced by blizzard too) and adding stuff that was designed and made by blizzard to be a limited time deal/chance. While we're at it, please give back the Cutting Edge achievements for older raids, I want those too! oh and I liked the title of the PVP season 5 seasons ago, please put that in the shop too! (sarcasm) The old limited edition stuff is a mark that you've been here for long, if you weren't here back then, it's your loss. Get the leggo cloak and 5 years from now when Legion PTR drops you'll be a cool guy too for having played 5years ago.
  4. On the PTR. Outside ToT.
  5. Neither Valor nor conquest can be exchanged for other currencies. You can exchange justice for honor and the other way around at: Talric Forthright and Edlan Halsing if you're alliance or Togar and Rogoc if you're horde. Valor should be primarily used for upgrading PVE gear, if you're a PVP player it's useless for you.
  6. It's like saying damn I wish Metro was an open world multiplayer game... Well it isn't. WoW was designed to be played in groups, if you don't, well you don't take full advantage of what the game has to offer. That being said I know solo players exist out there, but Tauri just isn't a server for them (clarification: you do whatever the hell you want, but it's not a solo server, and you can't just solo everything), so don't expect people to go out of their way to support your solo crap. Besides, if you are only looking for soloing stuff, Crystalsong offers the exact same things as Burning Blade and more, having a community and the staff's attention. The only thing you miss out on is the 5x gold, and if you really base your choice on the gold multiplier, well idk what to tell you.
  7. But if you want to quit MoP because Blizzard decided to make your life easier and reduced the grind you need to start the latest content, be my guest
  8. We're at the end of the expansion, and timeless isle is basically a catch-up mechanism for people like you, who join MoP at the end of it. It's just a kickstarter, and chests + pvp gear only gets you up to 535/522 gear, which is the bare minimum to start progressing the latest content And then there is the fact that this is a private server, not many people care about doing the older raids of the expansion, most people only play the latest stuff.
  9. https://bug.tauriwow.com/index.php?do=details&task_id=35072
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