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  1. Hi TauriWoW, almost a year ago I came to this server and enjoyed Mists of Pandaria like a kid. A few months ago I reached the maximum level and after playing endgame I felt that the game was not progressing. I started researching on the forums about the next expansion and suddenly saw that there was a news that announced the progression to Legion. I was very excited to know that the server I was so fond of was going to grow up and that all of us who enjoyed together in Pandaria would see each other again in Legion. However, the months passed and people complained on the forums: "where is Legion?". Until one day a countdown came out on the main page. A Wotlk server was coming out. I had already played Wotlk and was more interested in Legion, but it was obvious that plans to progress to Legion were put aside. Now in 2021, I just hope that something is announced, no matter how minimal it is about Legion, because I understand that it is difficult, but the hope has already lasted too long. I don't think I'll go back to TauriWow until Legion comes out and like me, a lot of players also think that MoP servers are dying. See you soon if things works out.
  2. Buenas, tengo una duda acerca de la hermandad, es de la horda o la alianza ?
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