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  1. LOL I tried it and i got the same error, then I tried changing the realmlist back to the server I'm trying to migrate from and I can't log in either. I'm considering downloading the game again to make a new installation for tauri. Now I'm doing a recheck and repair with the tauri launcher, to see if I can save that installation hehe :c
  2. I tried making another account, i tried logging in with my e-mail and my username, i tried changing password (which i could) and enter again, but it didn't work
  3. Nope, I tried that too, and after reading your reply I tried again (copying and pasting your line) but it didn't work
  4. Hello, I created an account and logged in to the website but when I try to log in to MOP (i'm new to the server by the way) i'm getting the following message: "The information you have entered is not valid(...)" I have "set realmlist hu.logon.tauri.hu" on the first line in my config folder inside WTF Please help me.
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