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  1. @Purrmode@Lerterimas Sorry for the inconvenience, the right link for the last simc add-on is : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/419374081520041995/540630138182828042/simulationcraft.rar With this one, no bracers issues and hscen items work aswell.
  2. Updated for random enchant bracers ! simulationcraft.rar
  3. This is a fixed simulationcraft addon, fixed for : BS sockets, upgrades, reforges and meta leg gems. simulationcraft.rar
  4. We just did a 15% pull ... Exploit free ofc :))))
  5. You'll get the video when you'll get the kill :))))
  6. Gashira


    Russians to the rescue : http://wow-addon.ru/download/raven.zip
  7. Gashira


    Hello @Pyrophobia I'm only seeing your message now but I'll try to detail my UI as much as possible (with later edits). This is a full custom built UI (no package such as ElvUI). Add-ons list : Bartender 2 : action bars. ShadowUnitFrame : unit frames. MoveAnything : allows you to move evry component of the default UI. SexyMap : mini-map customisation. Skada : damage meter. MikScrollingCombatText : combat text details (modded). TidyPlates (Quatre) : enemy nameplates. WeakAuras & TellMeWhen : cd tracking, uptimes, boss abilities, buff/debuff monitoring, custom rotation helper. BigWigs : boss mod. Grid & Grid StatusRole : raid frame ExorsusRaidTools : raid tools. Align (for symmetry OCD) : temporary grid display for symmetrical alignements. Masque (with Renaitre package) : custom icons. TruffiGCD : rotation display (for stream). Raven : multiDot tracking for deepwounds. IceTip & IdTip : tooltip enhancement. Some add-ons have been customised to fit my experience : TrufiGCD & MSBT : custom icon implemented for arms mastery. IceTip : custom ilvl calculation
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