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    Giving free characters on every new account would cause more problems than it would solve. Have you ever wondered why the people with fully geared and upgraded characters arent even queueing arenas? There are like 3-4 playable dps specs and a few healers but the whole pvp is f*cked up because of the content-patch difference, not to mention the major bugs that come up after a year of playing. Yeah you can play anything you want, but if you want to stay in glad range by the end of the season you have to play the meta stuff because you have no chance otherwise. Even if you want to play the queues are either long or you have to play against the same team all day, which makes the already boring mop arena gameplay even more boring. You basically have to play priest/druid+mage if you dont want to wait for the dampening every game, and no custom mage/priest/druid nerf can help that. Tbh 3v3 is even worse, because with the "meta comps" they can faceroll you without an effort. People win games by spamming instant cc-s when they are no longer on cooldown or doesnt even manage to put a decent chain cc on the healer just simply win the game because of the dmg difference. When you can force a major deffensive cooldown with a blank cs after spending 1 second in combat you know the whole game is retarded. Assuming that the good pvp players play on wod is ridiculous. The best pvp players on the server have their characters on tauri with only a few exceptions, but they have no motivation to queue arenas because its boring repetitive and requires almost no skills to achieve high rating. Having a second malevolent season is only making thing worse even with the "catch-up" system. The whole point of the new season is to reset everything and make everyone start with the same opportunities as everyone else. When you start a new season you can get the gear from the previous season from bgs, which makes getting the conquest cap and a decent rating for a decent cap a 1000 times easier. Having a non-upgraded malevolent gear with no elite weapons will still make you irrelevant when you are facing teams with similar skill levels but with an upgraded elite gear. The 12k-ish conquest "catch-up" cap changes nothing. It is a pain in the ass to even get that amount capped with blue gear because there are retards on 1600 with fully upgraded gear who has no idea what they are doing but you just simply cant kill them in blue gear(most of the time). And even if you manage to get that 12k conquest without getting tilted for life your gear will still be nowhere near theirs. What im trying to say is that this conquest catch-up cap would only be relevalent if you could get the previous season's gear from bgs which was a non upgraded malevolent gear, but implementing this wouldn't solve the problems without creating others. The only thing that would solve the problems both on pvp and pve side is moving on to the next content. The content-patch difference would be slightly less significant which could potentially make pvp more fun for everyone. The gear difference would no longer be a problem because you could get almost the same gear from bgs that most players have from the previous season and the conquest catch-up cap would also be a lot more relevant. But until you can make this happen you could increaase the conquest catch-up cap to a level where you can get an almost fully upgraded malevolent set so new players at least have a chance to compete without investing money in buying characters on a server they know nothing about. It would still be a pain in the ass to get all that conquest capped but those who really want to play here and try the server will at least have a chance to get a decent geared character.
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    @Avaren Unbound Sha HC 2018/02/17 Videó még készül de maga a kill ott van twitchen raw-ba.
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    Új feature található a mai naptól az oldalon. Karakterek item level toplistája a oldalon. Karaktereket és/vagy egész guild-ek karaktereit könnyen hozzá tudjátok adni a napi szinten frissülő listához.
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    This website has detailed guides for all classes, but it seems that as of today the original website domain has expired. So if anyone is still looking for that info, you can find it here: Cheers, -Kory
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    *Paparazi fotó a pincéből*
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    So this is the thread I've heard so much about. Look I'll be honest, I read the OP and some glances of other comments as I've been scrolling through the whole thing, but I don't think I could bring any argument to the table which would do justice and/or prove who is right. I've been an active pvp'er and a top/mid raider myself for years on this server so I can really see where both sides are coming from, I also had my fair share of pvp funserver experience back in the day, and imo the solution is somewhere between the quasi-blizzlike, although massively sped-up experience of Warriors of Darkness and the funservers of the glory days. The staff had a rough concept on how to bring TauriBattle up to speed for years, there have been promises and also some minor amount of work done for the project, so based on this I'd like to ask your opinion about what's below: - instant lvl 90, but with a small, mandatory quest chain just long enough to make people to familiarize themselves with their class and prevent people from exploiting it - more on that later. Think along the lines of the character boost quest chain on retail, where the abilities unlocked gradually as the player progressed through the chain. - only basic crafted gear with some pve offpart options, especially for slots which have no crafted pvp option (weapons and trinkets to date) - all glyphs are instantly learned as on the PTR - profession vendors from wod I also had some wild ideas on how to spice it up a bit using current game elements to emphasize the Battle in TauriBattle, but tbh I have no idea how bringing those objects to the world would affect the overall performance, especially that there is an artificial world latency in place on all the realms, but those are really just some crude ideas. About the exploiting: so we have a glorious wotlk realm called Alaris. This started out as an 1x realm with some events, but after some time the project became kind of abandoned and it got reworked to be more compatible with the then-current progress level of the other realms so that we could merge it into the battlegroup. People used those characters to trade battleground achievements, arena rating and anything else basically, but after some time they started selling Battlemaster boosts using the same characters on Alaris as dummy joiners to fill up the enemy roster - not too fair, is it? So this is why we will have to be extra careful not to butcher the current pvp scene whenever these plans come into fruitition, but I unfortunately can't tell when that would happen. There are lots of factors to consider and work out, then someome also has to code everything, playtesting will have to be done, but currently nobody has the time for that. Although I can confidently say that there will be no free gear or free lvl90 characters to be handed out on any of the current realms.
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    Nagyon remélem, hogy csak szórakozol. Aztakurva....
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    Sziasztok! Újra elérhető a TauriBay oldal a vagy a címen. Mint az oldalon lévő köszöntő üzenetben is leírtam, egyenlőre (mint annó) valós idejű karakter hirdetéseket tudtok keresni a Tauri realmről. (lesz majd WoD is). Aki pár éve járt az oldalon az tudhatja, hogy pár hónap után hirtelen abbamaradt a projekt és senki nem tudta folytatni a felépített rendszert. Ezúttal nem lesz ilyen gond mivel a teljes projekt nyílt forráskodú és elérhető a oldalon. A következő napok-hetekben bekerülnek majd a GDKP, Kredit és Guild hirdetések amiket a kézzel felvihető hirdetések követnek. Tervben van az oldal angol nyelvesítése és a Google Translate API bevezetése, ami által (alap szinten) a hirdetések a nem magyar játékosok által is megérhetőek lesznek. Egyenlőre ennyi.
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    Servers have armories? Ask for few screenshots of the person on the character + link to the armory. Should be enough proof for the ownership of the character. I recommend you looking into wowfreakz migration system About buying a char. I wanted to buy a character. The character market system is really poor here. I still havent figures out how to find some1 with a char i want to buy
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    Ok. So first of all ignore Vezir, he struggling to express himself. Giving new people free gear or level would definetely make pvp more active since more people would move from instant 90 server (such as pandawow) to play on here. Its no secret that tauriwow is far better than pandawow and the only throwback is the fact that you need to level up and grind for gear. Giving a person free gear doesnt necessarily mean that you should equip them with bis arena gear (give them dreadful gear so they can step into arena as soon as they hit level 90. That way people who grinded for their gear still have an advantage) The point you made about the server not only being orriented towards pvp is fair. But since you have all the cross system implemented you should consider opening an instant 90 pvp realm. Removing the instant max level server because people abused it for wintrading is like banning school because school shootings happen. Punish the abusers not every1. Lastly set up a migration system. Give one free char to people moving servers like wowfreakz has. Forgive me if im repeating the points that were already made. I havent really read through the whole thread just yet.
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    First of all yeah you guys asked for a FREE max level character with FREE gear this is ridiculous. Here on tauriwow one of the most important aspect of the game is character trading. Something like this would hurt the server economy which is never to be advised nor to be approved. Fresh players have access to buy characters from others or to try out the script quality on the PTR realm of they don't want to invest before hand. (I will be back around 5PM Hungarian timezone.)
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    You as a new player wanting a free toon is just as selfish, if not even more, but ad hominems really aren't the proper way to discuss these things.
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    How do you work your ass off ? Logging once a week to play 1h and cap your toon ? I mean i could understand that for PvE but PvP ? How does grinding PvP gear is working your ass off ? Oh ok ... And if you would've read anything repitch said above, you would notice that not a single thoroughbred PvP player will go through all the grind just to find out if this server is even worth playing. Did anyone say that ? This thread is about PVP and thats why i also said PvE player shouldn't even have a relevant opinion on that since it doesnt affect them at all I pointed that out aswell in my last comment. All i could read so far were butthurt PvE player complaining about PvP player getting gear without grinding for it. WELL, thats how the majority of the PvP community enjoys the game so why not just let them enjoy the game without being jealous. I probably won't ever understand your PoV.
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    Ha taurin húzol karaktert akkor érdemes meggondolni, hogy evermoonon felhúzod 2x-en majd transferrel átrakod taurira. (Minden account kapott 2 db ingyen transfert, ami ingyenes addig amíg nem foglalt a karaktered neve.)
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    Dude, did you just seriously suggest that 5-10 hours to get 90 level , professions, and a few rep epix fox 2-quests-exalted, is too much? And suggesting giving instant 90, and full malevolent on account creation? Or giving full dreadful and 2/3 malevolent within a week? Or transfers from where, instant 90 servers? My eyebrow is already twitching as it is seeing a funserver with 36slotbags/invisibilitypotions/whoknowswhatelse bought from vendors, in the same battlegroup with me, and 90 chars with name like Asdasaasdasd happily standing in purple circle under Garalon all fight long or until kicked. If I ever learn that there's instant 90/transferred/given best/second-best-gear characters in the same battlegroup, I am never setting foot on BG again, and would seriously think rolling on some other server, because, you see, even gear from donateshop is at least expensive and limited to a number of people who actually pay for it, which is infinitely better than seeing hordes of full malevolent chars created last week not worrying about a thing on their funserver while you've been sweating blood and tears farming everything on x1. Dixi
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    GG faszom, yrx de disznóvágás ön vagyok és kicsit sok a palinek de a kruva isten fsusstért jöhet az konebcetuo kontentet haha hehe gexu
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    Pedig már azt hittem hogy a melltartódat nyelte el az autómata ( ͡ಠ ͜ʖ ͡ಠ)
  22. 1 pont Ha itt rákeresel, kapsz egy kb. értéket. (az árak itemenként vannak, nem stack)
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    2 world boss: nincs kész Isle of Giants: 5 hónapja kész van kb shared loot, thunderforged system: síma drop meta gemek: alapból működnek elv, de át kell nézni set bonusok: nagy részük alapból működik ~6.8 boss kész van 5.2 hunter petek egy része már bent van green fire q chain: nincs kész, kezdő quest item ki van már farmolva offon, úgyhogy pár nap és kész lesz IoT daily quest része nem igazán bonyolult és kimbatt elég jól halad a zónával Előre írom, a legendary quest lánc scenarioja nem lesz bent, hanem felveszem leadom lesz, mivel semmi infónk nincs hozzá. Tehát igen, kb 70%-a kész. Várható PTR idő: április eleje, közepe
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    Sose volt semmi logika az emberbe szóval nem meglepő
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    Easy-peasy: The website gets data every 15 minutes or so, whereas the .s info queries the actual number of the current sessions. But about getting more people: unfortunately it isn't working like this. We cannot simply add people to the server (oh yes we can Warmane-style by simply multiplying actual player numbers and disable /who).
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    "Happy Gaming" Van dobozos játékod? Mert akkor le is fotózhatod mindeneddel, hogy visszaállítsák a te nevedre. Nekem a steam accomat törték fel, de 30 játékból 20 dobozos szóval gyorsan visszaszereztem.
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    Még ha egy időponttól elkezdve lenne elkészítve vagy a következő contentre az is előre lépés lenne. De elvileg van róla log. Remélhetőleg egy bennfentes elmondja a véleményét a dologról és kivitelezhető-e , megéri-e energiát ölni bele. UI: A szerver populációja még ha lassan is , de folyamatosan csökken. A magyar sceneből már létszámot növelni nem lehet. Erre a populáció csökkenésre a nemzetközi játékosok szolgálnának megoldással, de ahhoz , hogy nemzetközi játékosok játszanak itt, akkor szükség van ilyen dolgokra, mert mint leírtam a fent leírt linkben, először úgy is azt fogja megnézni egy olyan játékos , aki nem full casual , hogy , ha pvpzni akar milyen compokkal játszanak a szerveren , milyen ratingen van a top team etc , ilyeneket vesz figyelembe a szerver paraméterein kívül. PVE példával is lehetne szolgálni , de aki akarja az előző példából is megérti a mondandóm. De , a kisebb javítások előtti armoryra ránéz és kifagy a böngésző , a keresés nem jó, akkor azt mondja anélkül , hogy játszana , hogy ez a szerver egy vicc és el sem kezd el játszani. Ezért is lenne a véleményem szerint érdemes ilyen dolgokba energiát fektetni és nem ingyen karaktereket meg hasonló boostokat ajánlani, mint egyéb szervereken.
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    Nekem van egy hajszálnyi közöm a retrihez(igaz nem humán felsőrendűségi mozgalom tagja, csak egy szöszi belf csaj) és... -a fegyót tényleg cserélni kellene -a trinket jó szerintem -célszerű lenne elgondolkodni a holy avenger->divine purpose talent váltáson, igaz kevesebb burst, de magasabb alap dmg
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    Beírod google-be a MB gyártóját/típusát + hogy BIOS update. A gyártó oldalán fent lesz több BIOS verzió is, érdemes utána olvasni a verzióknak, mert egyes verziókat jobban ajánlanak. Kiírod az update file-t egy pendrive-ra, majd bootoláskor bemész a BIOSba, és valahol ott lesz az update opció. EZT CSAK AKKOR CSINÁLD, ha tudod, hogy a kövi néhány percbe nem lesz várható áramszünet, stb, mert egy megszakított BIOS update szétbaszhatja az egész MB-t. (egyes típusoknál ezért is van "2" BIOS, hogy legyen egy reserve a biztonság kedvéért). + ajánlott nézni 1-1 youtube videót is róla, én is onnan tanultam az összes PC összerakós és egyéb dolgokat. A build maga: A felsorolt játékokra bőven elég. Ha nem akarsz az új játékokkal ultrán játszani, hanem egy medium (talán high ha optimized) elég, akkor jó ez.
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    So do i really have to do the calculation now why it's impossible for us to ever catch up with people who started gearing in April ? That was my whole point and just by the difference of 13 months you should see it by urself
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    The second started on the 13th of December, the previous one did in April. This doesn't prove anything, because the catch-up system should not even be live yet, only from the next season. Furthermore the retail season durations simply cannot be applied to Tauri because we don't have the dozens of developers to keep the pace with it.
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    Örölük, hogy még mindig, hogy még mindig nem bírtad túl tenni magad ezen a topicon és folyamat visszajársz így van értelme köpködni
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    Finally I could farm BGs alone with multiboxing.
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    Can you please quote me where I asked for a character personally? I never asked for one and I don't need one. How will this hurt character trading exactly? A new player won't sell their character to not have anyhting to play. Regardless even if he would, there is no way it could hurt it... but if I'm mistaken, please, could you explain a bit more?
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    And for very many players, it's just another activity they sometimes (or frequently) engage in. We can't favor one group of players over the other group by giving one of them free stuff while telling the other to sod off because they chose the grindy realm or whatever.
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    Olaszok irl tolják a legiont,csak nincs elég demon hunter.
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    5.1 Krasarang rares get you 250honor per minute without even having to look at enemy players. Even with higher honor yields from BG it would a a preferrable option for people who do not want to get facerolled.
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    Miért? Volt, akik 4/4 hc-t és kitudja hány HoF hc-t bugoltak le és hirdették magukat szerver first killer guildnek.
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    Na kivancsi leszek, lesz-e ebbol flamewarr
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    Jelenleg is van olyan msv mechanika ami nem működik. @Tauri User! mentálisan challanged vagy te már magadba nem kell dungeon hozzá.
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    Konkrétan Sideról vannak kompromitáló képeim!
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    Nem is az a legnagyobb baj, hanem az, hogy olyan "logikai következtetéseket" von le, amik mögött lépésenként két hiba van. Így persze, hogy hibás végeredményhez jut
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    Persze, minden bizonnyal bughalmazzal szeretnének játszani és szeretnének fizetni is azért hogy egyáltalán tudjanak fejlődni, ugyanis a küldik nem működnek. Nyílván ez csábítja el játékosok tömegeit a Tauriról ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    custom buffs and nerfs - blizzlike custom fatigue and resilience - blizzlike double malevolent season - blizzlike year long seasons with rewards for 2s - blizzlike 5.4.8 patch with 5.0 content - blizzlike oh wait :thinking: better catch up system that would favor players, nope that's not going to happen since its not blizzlike LMAO why the fuck are you guys even arguing about this shit oh and the best: 15x rates with proff vendors B L I Z Z L I K E I don't even pvp but this pisses me off
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    De de, ő az "flórr dö ullyságiró" Valakinek meg van még az a kép?
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