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  4. Let's say you're a fresh 90 and want to gear up. This is, roughly, what you need to start doing and when. Your main goals are to get to 496 item level so you can start doing Siege of Orgrimmar LFR, and to progress the Legendary quest chain. - Start the Legendary quest chain. - Head to the Timeless Isle and open the chests with 496 loot tokens in them and the 535 Burden chest. - Get Warforged Seals for bonus roll chances - Kill a Celestial world boss on the Timeless Isle - Complete the Krasarang Wilds phasing quest to unlock the 5.1 content. This gives you access to Honor rares. - Get Honor 522 gear from the Honor rares or converting Justice points to Honor. - Head into LFR to begin work on the Legendary quest chain and to begin acquiring more gear from Throne of Thunder and the Siege of Orgrimmar raids While you are waiting for LFRs to pop, or during LFR downtime hours, or instead of doing LFR because it's full of morons doing 50kdps, you can also do the following: - Get more 535 Burden gear on the Timeless Isle. - Get a 535 trinket for 50,000 Timeless Coins on the Timeless Isle. - Buy a second PVE trinket, either a 496 Justice Point one or a 522 Valor Point one. - Upgrade PVE epics with Valor points. Once you are ready to move beyond LFR you probably know what you are doing and don't need this thread. ______ Legendary Quest Chain Once you get some gear and can queue for LFRs, you will want to start the legendary quest chain. The innkeeper in your faction's Shrine will offer you Stranger in a Strange Land. This quest is mentioned before anything else, even though you cannot start doing it until you get a modicum of gear, because doing it is the most important thing for your character. You can earn Sigils of Wisdom and Power from all raids except the back half of Siege of Orgrimmar, so as soon as you are capable of doing LFRs you should queue for them. This quest is far longer and more involved than I want to write about in this space, but just know to do as much as possible on this quest per week. ___________ Timeless Isle Chests, Loot Tokens and Burden of Eternity If you have Pandaria flying, you can either fly directly to the Timeless Isle or start the quest A Flash Of Bronze, which is auto-offered in your faction's Shrine in Pandaria, and head to Chromie at the Seat of Knowledge in Vale of Eternal Blossoms to get a one-time teleportation item that takes you directly to the Timeless Isle. If you do not have Pandaria flying you can get someone to fly you to Chromie for the quest on a two-seater mount, or just swim to the Timeless Isle from Jade Forest at the very least. There are lots of things you can do on the Timeless Isle but the first thing is to open the guaranteed loot token chests. These chests give you 2 tokens that make a spec-appropriate piece of 496 epic loot. The larger chest in the Ordon Sanctuary also has a Burden of Eternity, an item that you can use on one of the 496 tokens to make it produce a 535 item instead. https://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2013/september/newTimelessChests.jpg The important chests on this image are the two chests labeled 6 in each part of Firewalker Ruins, and the chest labeled 7 in the eastern part of Ordon Sanctuary. You will need a slowfall effect, a flight on one of the island's albatrosses, or someone to carry you on a 2-seater mount to reach Ordon Sanctuary without the legendary cloak. You will also need to be very careful opening the chests as if you die while they are open, they will despawn, and you only get to open them once. This gives you six 496 tokens (although some may be repeat pieces) and a Burden to make one of them generate a 535. Mobs on the Timeless Isle can randomly drop 496 gear tokens as well as Timeless Coins, which you can use to buy 535 trinkets and caches of random 496 loot. You can buy a 496 Timeless weapon, but since you can get a 522 Honor weapon fairly easily, you should probably save your coins for something other than a weapon. If you want coins, it's best to join a large group farming them, as all group members can loot the same coins from defeated mobs, sort of like shared quest items. Every enemy on the Timeless Isle has a rare chance to drop Burden of Eternity as well. You can just farm them and hope to get one. You can also gamble in Kukuru's cave with your Timeless Coins to try for tokens and Burdens. I would recommend starting with a large amount of Timeless coins, like 20-30k. This is pretty boring but does end up getting you a decent amount of Burdens if you spend enough coins and time in there. ______ Warforged Seals You can trade 50 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune to an NPC in your faction's Shrine for 3 Warforged Seals. These items give you an extra bonus chance at loot from a boss and are consumed on use. Early on, you will probably want to use these on the two most desirable LFR bosses in Siege of Orgrimmar and the Celestial world boss each week. Lesser Charms of Good Fortune can most easily be earned by opening chests and defeating mobs on the Timeless Isle. ___________ Celestial World Boss This one is easy. Participate at all on this boss (one of the big spirit animals in the center of the Celestial Court) and you have a chance at a 550 PVP piece or a 553 piece of PVE tier loot. You probably want to use a bonus roll on this as well (you can do it later if you don't have a Warforged Seal the first time you fight the boss). You should also fight the other world bosses if a group is formed and you still need 496 or 522 gear. Again, all you have to do is touch them while they're being fought. _____ Honor Gearing Honor 522 PvP gear is about as good as 522 PvE gear (with the exception of trinkets that have useless procs and static effects that only matter in PVP) so honor is very iimportant in gearing up. Start the 5.1 Krasarang Wilds quest out in front of your faction's Shrine by taking Meet the Scout. This questline is short and will unlock Honor rares once you finish it. The enemy faction's base in Krasarang Wilds has 3 rare elite enemies in it that drop Honor tokens rewarding you with 275 honor. These elites spawn every three minutes and have no abilities (PLEASE FIX THESE MOBS FOR FUCK'S SAKE LOL) so they are a very easy source of Honor points. You will likely find them camped, but if you can kill even one of them every 3 minutes you will get Honor points fast as hell. Check regularly to see if they're camped when you're not doing something. Another way to get honor points is to convert Justice points (earned from heroic 5-man dungeons, primarily) into Honor in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. This is slower than the rares but also easier since they aren't camped all fucking day. Your first Honor purchase should likely be a weapon or weapons, as this will give you an enormous boost in power. ______ LFR Once you get geared you can queue for LFRs. The ToT wings require 480 and reward 502 gear, and Siege of Orgrimmar wings require 496 and rewards 528 gear. ______ Justice Point and Valor Point gear The JP vendor is largely useless since you can get 496 epics from Timeless Isle. The only exception is buying cheap trinkets. If you don't want to farm 50k coins on Timeless Isle for trinkets, you may just want to buy the 489 and 496 trinkets from the Justice vendor until you win upgrades in LFR. The same goes for the 522 Shado-pan Assault trinkets on the Isle of Thunder. ______ Valor gear upgrading You can upgrade PVE epics in item level using valor points in your faction's Shrine or in Orgrimmar/Stormwind. The cost is 250 Valor points per 4 item levels. Given that you can only acquire so many Valor points a week and most entry-level gear you get will be quickly replaced, it's a good idea to only Valor upgrade your early gear if you are either about to be Valor capped.
  5. Was playing for a couple hours earlier. Then, starting about a half hour ago, I'm not connected. I closed the software and relaunched it. It keeps getting stuck on the "Success!" step of logging in. If I cancel, it doesn't retrieve a server list either. Realm status is listed as up. Any ideas? Thanks for any help!
  6. https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irónia
  7. Azt meg még is minek? A meglévő is a halálán van alig néhány hónap után.
  9. Ha már itt tartunk, te melyiken játszanál szívesen?
  10. itt hallottátok először: nem is kell legion. F R E S H M O P és F R E S H C A T A
  11. Last week
  12. Az a realm véges, még az sem igazán mentheti ha catára vált, mivel akik kikövetelték hc wotlk fanok. Ha túl sok időt pazarolnak rá, akkor az üzemeltetők a két szék között a földre fognak esni... Vagy akar itt valaki catázni?
  13. nagy büdös francot, csak jobban fognak foglalkozni bícskinggel
  14. Akkor irány terrorizálni az everlol népességét! Ha a csókos realm is zuhanni kezd, hátha belehúznak....
  15. akkor ide is ha már témánál vagyunk: DED SERVER KEKW
  16. Wotlk realmnek a kontent lassúsága a halála. Nax 1hónapig sem volt fun, uldu max 2-2,5hónap de tovább készül mint ami van benne tartalom. És ez taurin így van tovább készül mint ami tartalom van benne. Teljesen mind1 milyen kieget nézünk, tauri "halála" a lassúság.
  17. Sontii

    Az Off offolója!

    Valójában az volna hírértékű ha egyszer nem esne egy évig.
  18. https://index.hu/kulfold/2021/01/19/ho_esett_a_szaharaban/
  19. megoldotta a problémát, köszönöm szépen. elnézést, hogy raboltam az időd.
  20. Nazgrim's Command quest bugot szeretném jelenteni. Hiába vettem fel, reloadoltam Nazgrim nem kerül a helyére és nem tudom leadni a questet. Így nem tudom folytatni a chain questet, kérlek csináljátok meg. Köszönöm
  21. Kedd valószínűleg nem jó. Mert ugye köztudott, hogy kedden cata és a wotlk upgrade-je mellett nem lesz idő még erre is,
  22. Majd valószínűleg ki írják a tauri weboldalára ha lesz.
  23. PTR-szerverre tudtok egy kb idopontot mondani, mikortol lesz majd elérhető előre láthatólag?
  24. Hello, this was a migration issue and has been fixed! Sorry about that. You can contact us at https://discord.gg/UsbABUegwg
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